Safety Standards

Sloan Construction Company considers the safety of its employees and the well-being of the general public to be its number one priority. Whether it is on or off the jobsite, the goal is to encourage and provide a safe environment free of accidents or injuries. The responsibility for safety extends from the top managers to each and every member of our project crews.

Sloan Construction is proud of its Diamond Achievement status, presented annually to companies who best represent quality and excellence in plant/site operations. This award is a testament to our safety policies, which are a key part of our continuous commitment to best practices.

Recent Safety Awards presented to Sloan Construction

  • COLAS Group Woodpecker Award for Excellence in Safety
  • AGC National Workplace Safety Award
  • NAPA Quality in Construction Award
  • NAPA Proof of Quality Award
  • AGC Presidential Award for Zero Lost Time Injuries
  • GADOT Quality Control Award
  • GHCA Overall Quality in Asphalt Production
  • Colas Group Vanguard Safety Award (Midstate)
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