Pavement Preservation

pavement-preservation-1Since the company’s founding in 1933, Sloan has focused on pavement preservation, repair and rebuild as it completed transportation projects throughout the Carolinas and the Southeast. Today, Sloan is an industry leader in innovative methods that preserve and prolong the life of paved surfaces, from local streets to major commuter highways.

Through the use of proprietary products and custom-blend products from our on-site asphalt plants, Sloan offers its clients a wide-range of capabilities to most effectively, and efficiently, complete each project.


EcopatchEcoPatch is a high performance product for pavement repairs that offers an environmentally-friendly solution for customers. Unlike most traditional asphalts, EcoPatch contains no petroleum solvents, which can be highly flammable and release VOC’s into the air. EcoPatch can be used to repair pot holes, utility cuts, and pavement imperfections, providing a permanent solution to common issues.

EcoPatch uses recycled materials and sustainable resources in its formula, and is specifically designed for use in both asphalt and concrete defects. It can be used on damp surfaces, and requires no heat during application, further reducing any air emissions.


• Eco-friendly, permanent pavement repairs

• Bio-based and recycled mix formulas limit carbon emissions and VOC’s

• Applies like conventional patch mixes with no special handling

• Durability and resilience of conventional cutback mixes without the hazardous petroleum solvents

• Versatile, easy to handle and store options for small or big jobs

• No need for heating or specialized handling equipment

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