Sloan Construction Company wins 2007 “Best Highway — Heavy” Pinnacle Award

I 85DUNCAN, S.C. — Sloan Construction Company, Inc. has been awarded the prestigious 2011 Quality in Construction Award for “Excellence in Construction,” in recognition of work performed on two asphalt pavement projects in South Carolina. The award was announced by the National Asphalt Pavement Association (NAPA) and awarded to Sloan officials during NAPA’s annual meeting in Palm Desert, Calif., last month.

“While we are appreciative of every award our projects receive, recognition from NAPA is especially valued as it an honor that comes from our peers in the asphalt industry,” said Kevin Reed, General Manager of Sloan Construction Company.

The Quality in Construction Award recognizes asphalt pavement projects of excellence from across the country, according to a statement from NAPA.

“NAPA selects the recipients of its paving awards using a known set of standards that have been shown to provide a good result,” said Kim Snyder, 2011 Chairman of the NAPA Board of Directors. “This award demonstrates the high quality of work that Sloan Construction Co. Inc. is performing.”

 Sloan Construction Company was recognized by NAPA for its work on projects on Interstate 85 in Greenville County, and at the Greenville-Spartanburg Airport.  

The I-85 project encompassed the rehabilitation of Interstate 85 in Greenville County from milepost 43.26 to 47.25. The completed road exceeded the nationally-accepted level for smoothness, earning Sloan an overall incentive average of 104.6 percent out of a maximum 105 percent.  

The project at the Greenville-Spartanburg Airport included the rehabilitation of the main ingress/egress for the International Terminal, as well as improvements to the parking garage entrances, fuel depot, and daily parking areas.

In both projects, Sloan Construction worked to minimize disruptions to the traveling public, by performing the majority of the work at night or overlapping phases to complete work simultaneously.

Environmental impact is also a goal for Sloan, which used a proprietary asphalt mixture (warm mix asphalt) to reduce energy consumption, and emit fewer greenhouse gases than conventional asphalt.

“We estimate that using warm-mix asphalt on the project produced 18 percent savings in greenhouse gas emissions and energy usage,” said Land.

SCDOT calls this award winning project “one to brag on.”

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