North Duncan—BMW Partnership


Sloan Construction signed a contract for $4.1 million with BMW Manufacturing of North America to construct two employee parking lots. These lots will increase parking capacity to help integrate BMW’s newest plant additions. The project started in December 2016 and completed in May 2017. Self-performed work on this project includes rock excavation, unclassified excavation, storm drainage, stone base, and asphalt paving. Other important items of work were subcontracted which includes the construction of two large sets of concrete stairs and adjoining sidewalks. Sloan’s scope of work also includes electrical wiring and data cabling necessary for to provide lighting and security communications in and around the parking areas.

Grading and pipe crews are currently working hard to beat the challenging schedule for the project. Sloan has hired additional personnel in order to meet the demands of this schedule and is taking advantage of this opportunity to expand and train its workforce. The project required 10,000 tons of asphalt produced by the Duncan asphalt plant and 12,000 tons of stone base to be produced by the Blacksburg quarry.

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