I-85 Rehabilitation


IN OCTOBER OF 2015, the Rehabilitation Project in Spartanburg County was awarded to Sloan Construction. This project consists of reconstruction on 1-85 from mile marker 56.1 to 67.1 both north and south bound. Interstate 85 is the major Interstate route for people and goods traveling between Charlotte, North Carolina, and Atlanta, Georgia. 1-85 is also a vital link to the cities of Spartanburg and Greenville, South Carolina. Nearly 86,000 vehicles pass through this section of 1-85 (known as the 1-85 Corridor) each day, giving it the distinction of being the second busiest section of 1-85 in all of South Carolina.

The work required to fulfill this con­tract involves constructing and removing the existing structure to a minimum 5-inch depth while replacing the new structure with 7 inches of asphalt. During this process, the median barrier wall will be cleaned and painted, guardrail reset and adjusted, site excavation will take place, and catch basins will be adjusted after the surface lift. This will be accom­plished by staging the construction of the new lanes and ramps around the flow of traffic for the existing construction process through nighttime and weekend closures. The construction started in December 2015 with anticipated substantial completion by December 2017.

Anticipated to improve safety and rideability of the current system, this work will be a signature construction achievement in the Upstate when finished, resulting in a positive impact to all passengers who travel through the 1-85 Corridor.

Asphalt paving is under way with a total of 46,111 tons to date and a total contract of 290,349 tons to complete. We are on the road for a successful project.

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