GSP Drive Rehabilitation

Greenville Spartanburg Airport (SC)

NAPA 2011 “Excellence in Construction” winner
Contract Award: $1.5 Million

Completed in September 2010, the GSP Drive Rehabilitation at the Greenville Spartanburg Airport (SC) represented a major achievement in the asphalt paving industry for its accommodations to the traveling public and its attention to environmental stewardship.

GSP Drive is a heavily-utilized thoroughfare in South Carolina. A traditional work schedule would have required 17 separate construction phases, resulting in major disturbances to commuter patterns. Through an innovative schedule, Sloan Construction was able to re-phase the project into four phases, while accomplishing the identical traffic mitigation goals of the original 17 phases.

In a further accommodation to the public, Sloan Construction worked with the GSP Airport authorities to provide a link on the airport website to provide up-to-the-minute information on construction schedules and any possible delays due to construction work.

To complete the project with a focus on “green” methods, Sloan Construction used Fibermat and EcoMat products on this highly visible project. The use of sustainable materials is standard for Sloan Construction and has earned the company praise and attention from the environmental community and its industry peers.

Project involved 2-inch milling with 43,900 SW of Fibermat, a polymer modified stress-absorbing membrane interlayer, which uses fiberglass strands sandwiched between two layers of modified emulsion. The Fibermat was then overlayed with EcoMat, Sloan’s signature warm mix asphalt.

Work included entrances to parking garages, the fuel depot, and the daily parking areas.

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