Airport Goes Green with Paving Project

Color Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport’s new paving project green.

GSP Drive, the road that runs in front of the airport’s two parking garages and past Stevens Aviation, will be resurfaced using a new, more environmentally-friendly asphalt which cuts greenhouse gas emissions and energy usage by 18 percent, said Alan Harrison, construction services representative for Sloan Construction Company.

The method is new to the Upstate, although it has been used in other states and on a road in Columbia, Harrison said.

The project, which will include resurfacing GSP Drive from South Carolina 14 to Stevens Aviation as well as several parking lots, is expected to be completed by Sept. 15.

No road will be completely closed during the repaving, but there will be times when traffic will be restricted to one lane, said Rosylin Weston, airport spokesperson.

Passengers arriving an hour and a half before their departure time as recommended by the airport probably won’t be impacted by the construction, but Weston recommends allowing an additional 15 minutes in case traffic is stopped momentarily.

The new method uses FiberMat, a polymer modified asphalt emulsion with chopped glass fiber strands, for the initial layer to retard cracking. The stress-absorbing membrane extends the life of the pavement from about seven years to 10 to 12 years, Harrison said.

Warm-mix asphalt is used instead of hot-mix, cutting the energy needed to heat the mixture to the correct temperature and lowering the greenhouse gas emissions into the air, he said.

The company will also use some recycled asphalt in the project, Harrison said.

The $1.5 million project also includes new curb and gutters.

Money from the Federal Aviation Administration is paying for 95 percent of the project. The airport is paying the other 5 percent.


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